The Rebel Soul

The rebel soul is a rule breaker at heart. 

He sees a different path... In fact, he sees more paths than most people see, and at first it is disconcerting to him that others can be so limited. The more well-worn paths, to him, are the most distasteful choices. 

So he fights the tyranny of the well worn path. He breaks the rules. He makes mistakes. He fails. He is deluged with good advice and admonishments. Everyone can see his potential.  He could be so good at whatever he wanted if he'd just put his mind to it. 

Therein lies the rub. He doesn't want to put his mind to it. He doesn't want to be good at following the well worn path. To the rebel, no life could be more miserable. 

As a child, a teen, an adult in the workforce he is often unhappy with the directions he receives and asks "why" so often he begins to despise the answers. No one is battered more consistently with speeches about "tradition" than the rebel, and no one is more deeply bruised by these than he who is most often their target. 

So he stops asking. "No one knows why", he gathers. If he is strong and willing to live the life of his dreams, he becomes a pilgrim. A seeker. Submerged in the romance of the hunt, he sometimes loses sight of everything other than the search. 

The rebel's journey is often one of solitude. If he's lucky he'll have friends and aquaintences who join his cause. Maybe he will find love and maybe not. These things are all important, but none more so than his journey, because if he catches himself on a well worn path, he has lost the essence of his life. 

The true rebel soul has the same needs as most other people do. Love, affection, fun, etc., but the rebel has one need that surpasses them all... One need that is so important, he can't live without pursuing it, and he must put it above all else in his life. 


The size of the revolution can vary, from self-improvement, to winning championships, to changing, disrupting, or improving an industry, to world wars, but to the rebel, the importance of the revolution never varies. 

The revolution is his only path to fulfillment. 

Stay Hungry or Die,


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