A man has to have a code.

Rules I try to live by. Some are borrowed. Number 51 is down right stolen, but that doesn't matter. Good ideas don't care where they come from, and a man has to have a code. 

1. Never screw (over) your partner. 
2. It pays to be a winner. 
3. Don't take anything for granted. 
4. Don't linger in doorways.
5. When you get the answer you want, hang up. 
6. Never assume. 
7. Always work as a team (when possible). 
8. Don't waste good. 
9. If it feels like you're being played, you probably are. 
10. If it feels like someone is out to get you, they are. 
11. When all else fails, be an athlete. 
12. If you want to win, you have to be a winner.
13. Oxygen is overrated. 
14. Strength is underrated. 
15. Never be violent, but if you must, remember rule 2. 
16. Trust people as much as you understand their intentions, competence, and commitment. 
17. When you have the choice, choose adventure. 
18. Use precise language. 
19. Predictability breeds trust... and boredom. Keep it spicy.
20. Always use the Oxford comma. 
21. Define the mission precisely. 
22. Feelings lie. Do what is right. 
23. Always be there for those who truly support you. 

Rule 51. Sometimes you're wrong.

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