Rule 12

"If you want to win, you have to be a winner". 

That isn't to say that winners always win. Sometimes they win; sometimes they lose, but losers never win. In fact, one could go so far as to say, "you can't win with losers". Rule 12 goes exactly that far. No matter how much effort you put into it, you can't make a loser into a winner.  

Now before this idea tips you over the edge into despair at the plight of humanity, remember, all winners don't win all the time. Sometimes winners win, and sometimes not. Our job then, becomes to decide which is which before we let people into our lives, our hopes, or our dreams. Mistakes in this area are the ones for which we pay the most dearly. 

No matter how much better off you are after the fallout, the bitter taste that lingers even after they've gone from your life is one you don't forget. 

So be careful. Be methodical. Be calm. Be patient. Trust the wisdom of those words. There is a reason you continue to hear them in your life. 

Commit to being a winner. Do the things winners do. Do these things and your win percentage will rise. 

And remember, "if you want to win, you have to be a winner". 

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