Reply to CrossFit Haters:

I have both a college degree in Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation AND the CFL1. I'm certified by my state to teach physical education and coach grades k-12. I've taken the national & state tests, and passed them with very high scores. I've participated in the L1 seminar & taken the CrossFit L1 test and passed it as well. I've coached teams through undefeated, and utterly defeated seasons, won championships, and lost to the town rival. My coaching career has spanned 20 years and all levels from youth to professional athletes. 
I will be getting as much training from CrossFit as I can get over the rest of my career as a coach. The CF L1 staff is comprised of very knowledgable and humble people with great expertise in what they do. 
CrossFit is a great program, very effective, and scalable for safety and other reasons. 

Any CrossFit trainer who stops learning after the "2 day seminar" is not a very good trainer and will never deserve the title "coach". Most of the trainers I work with are very conscientious and continue to learn and grow so we can continue to offer better and better coaching for our clients and athletes. This is normal for good coaches. The best coaches in the world (I don't consider myself one of these yet but I strive to become one in my lifetime) learn from each other and study and grow each year. 

Calm down. 

Greg Glassman has built and ALLOWED CrossFit to grow into the best thing to happen the fitness world in a long time. 
Bureaucrats, be they the government type or any other type, hate "bottom up, disruptive" movements. It threatens them, because it signals the end of their artificial industry "dominance". 
Sometimes, Americans need to settle down, get out of the theoretical, artificially outrage based conversations about things of which they have no in depth knowledge, and stop trying to "protect" the most fit civilian demographic in the U.S. population from their own choices... Which by the way we have a RIGHT to make. 

Free will. Free market. FREEDOM. Welcome to America. 

The last thing we need is some milquetoast tie wearing congress person who can't tell the difference between valgus knee and a Vegas buffet telling the most comprehensive and evidence based fitness organization in the world how, when, and how much to squat.

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