Random Notes

Aide-de-camp's job
Reduced drag
Make the commanding officer's life As fluid a life as possible
Peoples opinion of the organization will be based on their interactions with you
You are the connection to leadership
Know how the "old man" thinks & be able to articulate it in a mature way

Working out is a way to diversify your identity
"The bar doesn't care" about the rest of your day

Empathize with people. See things the way they do
What do they see
What do they feel about the current situation 

Books to read: 
Gates of fire by Pressfield 
Wanton eagle

Peer ratings
Rank people in the company 1-lowest: twice a year at least
Correlation with success is very high

Vetting people
Everyone says Chris is great, but... (Leave it up to them to speak)
Forces them to face it and say it

We're a small community, we're going to follow up with people who like you and who don't. 
What will the people that don't hold you in highest regard say about you

Red flags: not having an answer
Passable negatives: problems of which they're aware and can be handled. 

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