4 (easy) ways to get MORE out of CrossFit

1. Every rep counts as much towards your self-respect and the respect of your Teammates and coaches as it does toward your fitness. (Don't cheat reps.)

2. "Going RX'd" is not awesome when you turn a 6 minute workout into a 20 minute monster. (Check your ego at the door and scale when appropriate.)  

3. When your coach is going over the board, LISTEN. Even if you're a CrossFit veteran, you're not alone. Some people want to hear all the instructions so they can get the most out of their workout. Accommodate your teammates. They'll appreciate you even more. 

4. When it's time to clean up, remember this and it will serve you well:
•Team Gear
•Your Gear
Everyone respects the teammate who puts others first. 

If you do these 4 things already, chances are you are a very respected and beloved member of your team, and appreciated by teammates as well as coaches. 

What else can you or your teammates do to help everyone become a better team? Keep the conversation going in the comments.

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