You Are Not Alone: The #1 skill Parents of Precocious Teens need to Polish

               Parents and their children have been known, on occasion, to have certain communication….. problems. These problems are sometimes mild and easy to fix, and sometimes they can pervade parent child relationships to the point of extreme frustration, or worse.
             Communication with anyone can be difficult, and the guilty or anxious feelings that sometimes come along with communication breakdowns are just not good for anyone.  When the breakdown happens between a parent and child, parents are often times left feeling especially bad.
                Being the parent of a child that has been recognized as gifted by the school can sometimes be like driving down a road that you’ve never seen.  Each curve brings something new and exciting.  Everything you see is different than what you have seen before, so it can be quite enjoyable, but  you also have to be careful.  You have to be especially careful on this new road because, even though it’s pretty and exciting, there IS something new at every turn, and that's exactly why we, as parents, need to spend some time perfecting our (already great) driving skills.  J 
                Some of the most important skills for parents to hone and perfect are our communication skills.  No matter how good we are as communicators, we are going to need to spend some time working on a few strategies in order to work with our kids, who are quite good at using language in new and different ways.  We need to gather some communication tools that we can use and adapt to different situations in order to help our gifted children reach for their ultimate potential….. without smothering them.

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